Are you ready for application virtualization?

Application virtualization refers to the practice of running applications from a remote server rather than running them after installation from a local machine. While running virtualized applications, no changes are made to the local operating system, file system, registry or run-time environment.

Is your organization ready to move into this cloud-like environment? Depending on your role at your agency, this question might be a snap. But if it's not, try the needs assessment below. It was created by the Corporate Executive Board, which advises government agencies on the use of IT metrics and shares IT lessons from its 5,000 member organizations.

Virtualization needs assessment quiz

Depending on your score,  you may be a strong candidate for using this technology or you might find there are only limited benefits for your agency.

Application virtualization map

Applications are run off remote application servers on desktop computers. Multiple instances of a single application can be run on the desktops, and a single desktop can support applications from multiple servers.

Top technology trends most likely to influency infrastructure cost and performance in 2011

Trends most likely to influence infrastructure costs


  • Russia prying into state, local networks

    A Russian state-sponsored advanced persistent threat actor targeting state, local, territorial and tribal government networks exfiltrated data from at least two victims.

  • Marines on patrol (US Marines)

    Using AVs to tell friend from foe

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking for ways autonomous vehicles can make it easier for commanders to detect and track threats among civilians in complex urban environments without escalating tensions.

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