Build a real Star Trek tricorder and you may live long and prosper

If you can build a working Star Trek tricorder, you could win $10 million through the X-Prize Foundation, reports the Register.

But be warned: The Foundation isn't looking for a fanboy tricorder with blinking lights and recorded bleeps and bloops that just looks like the props from the 1960s television show. In fact, it doesn't matter what it looks like -- it has to be a real medical device.

"The device must provide a quick assessment of a patient's health issues and provide a comparable diagnosis to that presented by a panel of board-certified physicians," the Register reports. "A patient would have to breathe, bleed or pee into the device, which would be use the fluids to produce an initial opinion."

People continue to be interested with the fictional technology featured on the show. In 2009, Nokia built a cell phone that looked and beeped like a Star Trek communicator, but only made 14 of them. One could only wonder why.

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