City law would ban texting ... while walking?

State and local governments are considering new regulations on use of technology, including increasing privacy protections on social networking sites and banning text messaging while crossing the street.

The Honolulu City Council has taken the first steps toward banning pedestrians from sending cell-phone text messages or reading an iPad while crossing the street, Honolulu Star Advertiser's B.J. Reyes reports. In fact, the ban could apply to anyone holding the devices when making those crossings.

The city council cleared the measure, Bill 43, on May 11, Reyes writes, although it has to go through a couple more steps before passing. It would amend the city’s hands-free driving law, extending it to pedestrians.

The California legislature is considering a bill to require social networking sites to change their privacy protection policies. The Internet industry opposes the bill that would allow users to choose their privacy settings to establish which information would be public, Wyatt Buchanan writes in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Under the bill, users could choose their privacy settings when they register to join a site instead of after they join, the Chronicle reports.

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Thu, May 19, 2011

Poor choice on the part of GCN's staff to include these two issues as part of one article. In the case oy the Haywire Hawaiians, that is what happens when you give too much latitude to government. Unfortunately, on the other hand, the FUD being bloviated by the INTERNET INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION is merely the way most of our country has gone. Money talks, the people walk. Facebook, et al have learned to EXPLOIT the personal information of their erstwhile members for MONEY. Now someone wants a responsible policy of "Allow me to tell you what you may EXPLOIT before you do" and all the industry fudsters scream rape. When enough adlle-head a-dolts get burnt badly enough, perhaps these controls won't be necessary. Anyone with half a brain will boycot the BS phenomenon of social networking sites!

Thu, May 19, 2011 S. K. Offut

When you believe government is the answer, make sure you know to which question.

Wed, May 18, 2011

Ya can't fix stupid. They outlawed texting while driving in most areas, so now people just hold their smart phone below window level, and thus see even less of the road and surrounding traffic.

Wed, May 18, 2011 Tom Mainland USA

I agree that anyone who is stupid enough to not look both ways (and keep on looking) while they are crossing a busy street needs to be taken out of the gene pool. Laws like this are a contravention of Natural Selection which has served the human race very well in the millions of years that it has been in operation.

Wed, May 18, 2011

Wait a minute - you posted that comment without a comment-posting license and/or committee review and approval to post. Up against the wall...

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