Hackers hit Citigroup, steal info on 200,000 card holders

In yet another attack on a high-profile target, Citigroup has belatedly confirmed that over 200,000 of its credit card users had personal information stolen by hackers.

As with the recent hack of the Sony PSN Network, Citigroup officials delayed commenting on the attack, which occurred more than a month earlier. Citigroup's spokesman Sean Kevelighan released a statement June 9 about the attack only after the UK-based Financial Times broke the news of the breach a day earlier.

Customers' names, e-mail addresses and account numbers were taken, the satement said, although Social Security numbers, dates of birth, card expiration dates and card security codes were not.

The company would not give details on how the attack was initiated or why it took so long for officials to acknowledge the incident. Citigroup did say that it is planning on issuing new credit cards to those customers affected by the breach.

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