Hosni Mubarak needs my help

I got an e-mail message from Hosni Mubarak a few days ago. I’m pretty sure it really is from him because the e-mail address is And who would claim to be named Hosni if he really wasn’t?

As you probably have heard, Hosni has fallen on hard times, what with the revolution, removal from office, prosecution, and now a stroke. The reason he got in touch is that he needs some help moving some of his money from offshore accounts to the United States.

He would have called me, but the Egyptian Security Networking is monitoring his phone calls, so he thought it was best to drop me an e-mail instead. He asked me to revert back to him immediately if I am interested in helping him with his money.

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I can’t give you any more details because this is all very hush-hush. As Hosni said, “I do not need to tell you of the absolute confidentiality which we both must have to observe as you are to help me in investing the funds in your country as my tycoon business representative.”

I’m really not sure how much help I will be able to give him. Most of my experience as a tycoon business representative has been with Nigerian finance ministers and their families. And I might not have much time for him. I’m expecting a call any day now from my close personal friend, Moammar Gadhafi.


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