New Urban Mechanics: Apps in the pipeline

Citizen Connect is one of the projects in a larger effort to work with civic entrepreneurs and explore new technologies to address urban issues.  

“The Office of New Urban Mechanics is the city of Boston’s civic innovation R&D group,” said Nigel Jacob, co-chairman of the office. “We’ve been running formally for about a year and a half. Our charge is to deliver innovative services to the residents of Boston. We partner with local area entrepreneurs and civic innovators to develop products like Citizens Connect.” 

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Several other projects are under way as well. Other projects include:

  • City Worker – A smart-phone application that will allow workers to easily manage their daily work lists and access and record information about the condition of city infrastructure such as street lights, trees and roads. A pilot project launched with arborists in March 2011.
  • Complete Streets – A project designed to improve the flow of people and goods through Boston by making the city’s transportation infrastructure greener, smarter and multimodal.
  • Voters – A sensor system for vehicles that could provide real-time reporting of conditions such as sub-service road deterioration, or the presence of particular pollens or stray voltage.
  • Street Bump – An application being developed for smart phones that will provide real-time information about the conditions of city streets.

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