AT&T shows off Windows Phone-powered HTC Titan II at CES

One of the first announcements to come out of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show was for the Windows Phone.

According to AT&T, the phone carrier will carry the HTC Titan II with the Windows Phone operating system in the next few months. The device, shown off at AT&T's CES keynote, will feature a 16-megapixel camera and LTE support.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reportedly was on stage during the AT&T keynote Jan. 9, although his swan song keynote at CES wasn't until that evening.

The Titan is HTC's gargantuan smart phone. The display on the Titan is 4.7 inches, and the size will be the same for the Titan II.

The amount of megapixels in the camera, however, is doubled. Granted, megapixels alone is no indicator of quality. I've used 5-megapixel cameras on an HTC Trophy (Windows Phone), a Samsung Focus (Windows Phone) and an Apple iPhone 4, and the quality was mediocre, good and very good, respectively.

That said, the Titan II's titanic rear camera will come with a fast, wide-angle lens, image stabilization, a panorama mode and burst shot mode, among other features, indicating that HTC is paying attention to the optics.

What it does show is that the pace of Windows Phone device releases appears to be quickening. By Windows Phone standards, certainly, the first Titan was just released, and now there's a new one. Meanwhile, the device's LTE support on AT&T is an interesting wrinkle in the recent spat between Verizon and Microsoft over LTE support.

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