The Madness: Nimda ninjas Anna Kournikova; Code Red escapes

Code Red, one of the pre-tournament favorites, barely scraped by Morris Worm in the second bracket of Malware Madness 2012. In the other matchup, Nimda scored a convincing victory over Anna Kournakova to move on to the second round. Stuxnet and Melissa advanced earlier.

Fourth–seeded Code Red, which infected more than 350,000 computers in 2001, got off to a slow start and never pulled away from Morris, which dates to 1988 but proved it’s still got some game.

Meanwhile, Nimda’s fast-break game (it spread around the globe in less than an hour in 2001) proved too much for Anna K.

GCN readers are being asked to choose the most pernicious malware in history from a list of 16 big-time bugs in the Malware Madness tournament. And now it’s on to the next bracket.

One the tourney’s heavy hitters, 2nd-seeded Love Bug/ILoveYou, puts its reputation on the line against 15th-seeded Sobig. And 7th-seeded Koobface takes on 10-seeded MyDoom. Will the favorites hold up, or is a VCU-like upset in store?

Go to the Malware Madness page and make the call.

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