Malware version of Angry Birds Space appears

Beware unofficial Android versions of Angry Birds Space, the wildly popular new version of the smart-phone game created in collaboration with NASA.

Security company Sophos says it has identified malware-infected editions of the game sold on some unofficial Android apps stores. The infected apps appear to be working versions of the game but install a Trojan horse that uses the the GingerBreak exploit to install malicious code, Sophos’ Graham Cluley writes in a blog post.

The Trojan then communicates with a remote website in order to download more malicious code, drawing the smart phone into a botnet.

Cluley warned users to beware of unofficial versions of the game, pointing out that the version available on GooglePlay (formerly the Android market) is not affected.

NASA collaborated with Rovio Entertainment, maker of the Angry Birds games, in the making of the Space version as a way to get new groups of people interested in space and technology.

NASA helped Rovio apply outer-space physics to the formerly terrestrial game, so that the birds and their targets (pigs) move as they would in zero-gravity. The game has a permanent Web link to a NASA website on zero gravity.

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