Are your apps ready for the public cloud?

Many IT organizations are moving from a non-virtualized application base to one that is service- or cloud-based. In this transition, IT and security managers must provide tools to safely evaluate such projects. Find out below where your organization falls on this trend line.

Distribution of applications by type of hosting


Is IaaS a viable hosting option for your application?

Technical fit

1.    Is the application compatible with server virtualization?
2.    Is the application service-oriented architecture-based?
3.    Can the application be run on the prescribed operating system?
4.    Is the database architecture compatible?
5.    Can the complexity of the application be controlled?
6.    Can the number of integrated applications be controlled? 

Cost efficiency

7.    Is avoidance of capital spending a relevant benefit to our business?
8.    Can billing features such as data transfers and toll charges be controlled?
9.    Does the application use cloud economics (e.g., temporary, periodic or unpredictable use; horizontal scaling; large change in average to peak utilization)?

Quality and risk management

10.    Can the application be architected to the availability required?
11.    Can the application be architected to the performance required?
12.    Can the application be architected for appropriate backup and recovery?
13.    Is the application free of sensitive data, or can data be appropriately protected?
14.    Is the application free of audit and compliance requirements, or are steps in place to meet these requirements?


Number of “Yes” Responses

  • 11-14    Possible candidate for public cloud IaaS.
  • 8-10      Requires careful evaluation; potentially better fit for private cloud.
  • 0-7        Traditional Infrastructure likely to be a better option.
Credit: "CIO Executive Board: Do the Economics of Software as a Service Compute?" The Corporate Executive Board, 2011.

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GCN's montly Diagnostics feature is prepared in partnership with the Corporate Executive Board, which advises agencies on business improvements using analytic tools and lessons from its 5,000 member organizations.

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