Drupal's popularity growing in government

Drupal is one of the more popular open-source content management systems used by the federal government. Just how popular the software is in the public sector was outlined by an infographic recently released by Aquia.

Drupal is used throughout the federal government, said Jessica Richmond, Acquia’s senior director of government professional services. According to Acquia, 24 percent of all .gov websites use Drupal. The software is an important part of the Digital Government strategy, which is using it to help consolidate multiple platforms and websites, she said. 

Another example is the Energy Department, which used Drupal to help consolidate a number of sites in 2011, saving some $10 million in the process, she said.

The New York State Senate is using Drupal in a number of areas, such as building its own mobile application. The application lets state residents access the senate’s Web page and contact their representatives from their mobile devices, said Brian House, Acquia’s vice president of marketing.

The New York state government then put the Drupal code out on the GitHub site, which allowed other state organizations to access and work with the data, he said.

Drupal is helping to change how content for state and federal websites is received, said Richmond. The Federal Communications Commission is using the open-source software to make its content accessible to the public. This is part of a growing demand for government to share content with citizens, she said.

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