Do you understand your mobile risk portfolio?

Security remains a top concern for government mobile systems. But while mobile platforms present security challenges, they should not impede overall agency deployment. Success depends on agencies managing the risks associated with investments in mobility.

In order to manage your mobile risk portfolio, agencies should start an analysis of mobile demand across different employee segments. Survey inputs and monitoring of employee IT resource usage can help gauge demand across different segments.

For many employees basic email and office functionality over mobile devices may be enough to meet demand. Moreover, a significant portion of the agency workforce may be over-provisioned, such that savings from a new provisioning model might create savings for investment elsewhere. For example, demand analysis is likely to bring out user segments requiring a greater but disproportionate investment.

Once your risk portfolio is understood you can establish the most appropriate policy fundamentals for mobile device security for your office or agency, including BYOD approvals, acceptable use rules and overall organizational controls and restrictions.

Mobility demand matrix

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