Dell unveils desktop virtualization tool for feds

Government agencies looking to optimize endpoint management often gravitate to desktop virtualization as a solution, so Dell Inc. has just rolled out its Desktop Virtualization Solutions for Government, or DVS-Gov, an end-to-end tool designed specifically for government customers.

According to Dell, DVS-Gov is a secure, efficient enterprise-class solution that helps agencies manage “geographic sprawl” through greater mobility and the ability to power almost any device virtually anywhere. DVS-Gov also lets customers securely access information anywhere in the world so they can manage operations that require a powerful, IT backbone that meets federal security and compliance standards.

However, many government customers are also beginning to field demands from their workforce for their networks to accommodate any device anywhere, which can open security holes, such as exposing classified or secure data when it is outside a secure area. DVS-Gov addresses those issues and enables more secure mobility in a fully end-to-end validated technology stack, according to the announcement by the company.

In conjunction with newly acquired Wyse Technology, DVS-Gov helps federal agencies meet strict regulatory mandates for data access by meeting government certification and security standards. Additionally, in partnership with AppSense and ActivIdentity, DVS-Gov gives government customers granular control over security and access policy, which allows them to give their employees the freedom to securely access their work in more places with more devices, the company said. This solution makes initiatives like telework possible, allowing employees to work remotely and allowing for greater flexibility.

Features of DVS-Gov include:

  • A scalable solution developed for customers with 50 to 50,000 users or a simple single-server offering for a branch office.
  • Wyse Technology validated: With Dell Wyse’s thin and zero clients, customers get superior security and zero-touch manageability.
  • Context aware security in partnership with AppSense: This software allows customers to be very specific around where and when various applications and data can be accessed, where and on what devices ports and media drives can be accessed, and when features like copy paste and print screen are acceptable.
  • CAC Card Integration, in partnership with ActivIdentity: Integration of Smart/CAC Cards by Dell saves most agencies time and trouble of doing it themselves.
    All components of this solution are certified to have compliance with the following basic standards: TAA, IPv6, Energy Star, VPAT.

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