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If you're a government IT manager who needs to be sure everyone's iPads are ready and charged for the big meeting, you might want to take a look at products from Parat Solutions, a company that develops products that charge, synchronize, store, transport and secure multiple mobile computing devices for large-scale deployments.

Parasync's Charging and Synchronization Dock for iPad will store, charge and sync content to 10 iPad 2 and/or iPad 3 devices from one iTunes library.  It works like other docking solutions: Just insert the iPad with the included case into any slot to charge and sync. The USB dock connects to the host computer to automatically to begin syncing with iTunes. No proprietary software is needed. Multiple docks can be connected to charge and sync even more devices.

And if you need to deliver those iPads to the conference room across town or across the country, you can use the InSync Transport Case that will charge and protect up to 16 iPads –- as well as 13-inch laptops (for the Apple-adverse).

iPads slip into the built-in charge/sync circuit board. To charge, plug the whole case into any standard wall outlet. To sync iPad devices, open iTunes and tether a laptop to the case using the supplied USB cable. The InSync Transport Case also supports wireless syncing to iCloud.

A dense foam insert has a dedicated spot for each iPad to protect devices from impact. The case has built-in wheels and an extendable handle so it rolls like a suitcase. It is designed to be shipped, and for added security the case can be locked with padlocks.

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InSync transport case

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