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Cloak, dagger and Google: 'Pluto' switch remains a mystery

Earlier this year, a couple of guys in a small Iowa town mysteriously received a “Pluto Switch” in their office. Although they were savvy enough to recognize it as a network switch, the ports on the front were nothing they’d seen before, and the writing on the back was in Finnish.

They posted some pictures on a networking bulletin board in the hopes that someone would recognize it.

They did eventually figure out that the MAC ID belonged to Google, but were unable to get anyone there to explain the switch. Google wouldn’t tell them anything about it but then did offer them a reward, and the switch was on its way back to the company.

But the identity and function of those ports remain a mystery, according to an article in Wired.

I guess none of us should be really surprised that the company that has, with notable exceptions in a few areas, the largest online everything would use custom-built hardware. If Google managed to tweak one type of connection to go just a hair faster or cost just a teeny bit less, then that would really add up, in Google’s case. And who knows, switches such as this one could one day wind up in your data center, too.

But still, the story of Google being all cloak-and-dagger, offering a reward for its return, no questions answered, is definitely entertaining.

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Greg Crowe is a former GCN staff writer who covered mobile technology.

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