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Stalwart poised to make asset management easier

From bullets to bandages, chalk to computers, everything owned by any government agency must be tracked from the time it’s purchased to the time it gets used and discarded. But for most agencies, this is a very difficult task because of the sheer volume of assets that need to be tracked as well as the variety of objects in their inventory. There are several asset management tracking programs available for this task, but few of them have ever been described as easy to use.

Northrop Grumman Systems Corp. wants to change all that with the introduction of Stalwart(™) which is designed to bring asset management up to speed, and into the cloud.

As a product-independent systems integrator, Northrop Grumman has deployed a wide range of asset management systems tailored to different organizations’ needs. Their newest enterprise asset management system (EAMS) is called Stalwart, a Web-based system that allows users to operate from any location or device. Stalwart can operate in the cloud or within an organization’s data center. Stalwart can integrate with any existing EAMS as well as with radio frequency identification and global positioning system technologies. Unlike most EAMS solutions, it is customizable for each organization. Users can define custom reports, dashboards and access a wide range of preconfigured reports, significantly reducing data retrieval times.

“Stalwart gives organizations an accurate, efficient way of tracking their assets as well as their physical state. We design for cost savings,” said Robert Mann, Northrop Grumman’s lead system engineer, Defense Systems Division, Stalwart product. “Additional savings are realized through reduced training and operational costs.”

Usability is a key feature of Stalwart, the company says, which can be operated straight out of the box. Training, wizards, tutorials and guides get users up and running quickly. Using a drag-and-drop interface, users can customize views of the data, add and remove assets, and generate reports, which can be shared with others.

Northrop Grumman has implemented asset management solutions for large government organizations and commercial customers before. While Stalwart is one example of an asset management solution that would work well for government, the company notes that it can customize and deploy the solution that best suits each organization’s needs.

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John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.


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