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Metalogix can boost agency collaboration, content sharing

Government agencies, like many other organizations, are looking for better and faster ways to support and manage content driven by rich media, Web applications, mobile technology and social media.

Along those lines, Metalogix has unveiled new content infrastructure software designed to help public-sector organizations boost their workforce’s content-sharing and collaboration experience. Content Matrix 6.0 lets organizations migrate and organize Microsoft’s SharePoint content. SharePoint is a family of software products from Microsoft that enables collaboration, file sharing and Web publishing.

The task of upgrading the many variations of SharePoint deployed throughout their organizations is a challenge many agency IT managers face as they seek to forge a coherent enterprise content management strategy.

Microsoft typically provides a serial approach to upgrades, such as moving a user from Microsoft 2007 to 2010 before going to 2013.  But if an agency wants to take advantage of new features in SharePoint 2013, Content Matrix gives users the flexibility to upgrade to the newer version from any previous version of SharePoint. They can also migrate file shares and documents from legacy enterprise content management systems and keep SharePoint content organized on an ongoing basis.

Content Matrix has a user administration console, Content Matrix Console, which can connect to many information sources such as SharePoint or file shares, and then connect into the new SharePoint environment.  The product uses a simple copy and paste paradigm.  At that stage, administrators can apply mapping permissions and new site templates or apply content types to content as they migrate.

Workflows in older versions of SharePoint can easily be moved to the new SharePoint platform, said Steve Marsh, director of product marketing with Metalogix. “It is a simple and intuitive product that allows users to install, configure and move content in a matter of minutes. We believe that migration is an ongoing thing,” Marsh said.

Content Matrix gives content owners the ability to reorganize content directly from within the SharePoint user interface. Users with appropriate permissions and rights can easily move, bulk upload, tag and classify their content within the SharePoint farm without involving IT.

“At same time, we want to make sure content is tagged with correct meta data,” Marsh said. So through the SharePoint user interface, users can tag multiple pieces of content at once so other features work better and they have better search results, he said.

Content Matrix 6.0 also lets administrators move SharePoint to the cloud by connecting with an organization’s Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based messaging and collaboration environment and giving them the ability to move content in either direction between on-premises or the cloud.

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Rutrell Yasin is is a freelance technology writer for GCN.

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