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Big data file replication comes to Apache Hadoop

Agencies are using Apache Hadoop because of the open-source programming framework’s ability to store and process massive amounts of information while providing a way to run jobs across thousands of servers smoothly and efficiently.

Attunity is now offering organizations a path to rapidly move data in and out of Hadoop, according to company officials. The company’s software suite lets government agencies and businesses share and distribute big data analytics across different enterprise platforms as well as in cloud infrastructures.

Attunity RepliWeb for Enterprise File Replication (EFR) lets data analysts quickly replicate data files to, from and between Apache Hadoop platforms, officials said.

Business and government analysts can bypass the complexities associated with moving data to Hadoop and the cloud while, at the same time, use the data for strategic or competitive purposes, said Matt Benati, Attunity’s vice president of global marketing.

RepliWeb for EFR is especially suited for organizations that need to process big data on a regular basis, such as e-commerce, health care, infrastructure management and mobile, officials said.
Attunity RepliWeb for EFR 6.0’s features include:

  • High-performance integration to Hadoop File System (HDFS) with support for a variety of Hadoop distributions, including Apache Hadoop, Greenplum HD and Hortonworks.
  • Dashboards and notifications to monitor and control large-scale data movement.
  • Enhanced proprietary file transfer technology specifically designed to overcome the challenges of big data and working in distributed environments.
  • Data collection management for hundreds or thousands of nodes, with full support for Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux and HDFS file systems.
  • Interaction with Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (S3) via Attunity CloudBeam SaaS service, allowing service subscribers to push big data to S3 without having to install and manage cloud appliances.

RepliWeb for EFR expands on Attunity’s efforts to provide technology that integrates with Hadoop to improve big data analytics. 

Last year, the company unveiled  Attunity Managed File Transfer for Hadoop, which automates and accelerates file collection and data transfer with the Hadoop File System.  Attunity MFT, the company’s file transfer management platform that provides machine-to-machine and application-to-application file transfers, is used by federal agencies such as the Homeland Security and Treasury departments, the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Postal Service.

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