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How E-MEME tracks topics

This topic overview shows the screen an analyst will see when he first logs on to E-MEME, showing the most prevalent topics in the data.

E MEME topic overview screen

With each topic, the system displays how prevalent that topic has been in the media over time and notes changes in sentiment related to that topic.  If the analyst wishes to see more information, he can click on a topic to bring up a detailed view of the trends.

This map view show how the topic spreads across different regions (in this case, regions of Sudan).  The trend lines on the left indicate how discussion of the topic changes over time for each region. The map on the right illustrates how the topic spreads between the regions.  Specifically, the circular icons over each region show how fast the topic is spreading and the strength of the relationship between that region and the starred region.

E MEME detailed map screen

The label in the icon displays the number of days (on average) it takes for the topic to spread (e.g. 1 day), and the color shows the strength of the correlation -- green means that the topic is very likely to spread; purple means that it is unlikely to spread. 

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Intell tool would track social media like a virus

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