Enermax desktop cooling systems

When keeping a system cool is a priority, Enermax is on the case

There has been a lot of talk recently about how to cool computers operating in everything from a stand-alone environment to a data center. The core of many of those plans involves a water-cooled system, sometimes working as far down as the individual processor. A lot of the higher-end systems that we’ve recently reviewed on GCN have had water cooling as a central component.

The biggest problem with water cooling is that by nature it takes up a large chunk of internal real estate. There are tubes to direct the water, a flat plane that touches the processor to pull away the heat, some type of a large pumping apparatus, a water reservoir and sometimes a supplemental power supply. Computer cases that aren’t natively designed to accept them are hard to work with. And sometimes there simply isn’t enough room for the upgrade.

That is why it was interesting to find the new Enermax Fulmo series of desktop housings, including both the Fulmo and Fulmo GT Series, which puts cooling needs for high-performance systems front and center. Besides having a large pocket of space specifically for a water cooling area, it also supports full frontal mesh cases for improved airflow and the ability to add up to 15 fans for a true torrent of cooling.

The Fulmo ST features a three-dimensional black iron mesh for optimal cooling and an overall exciting visual effect. For a fully covered chassis like the Fulmo ST, the visually striking grill mesh allows for superior ventilation for cooling. And there is 32mm of clearance for backside cable routing. On the side is a full-cover acrylic side panel, which can allow for visual inspection of any sensors or monitors inside the case.

At the top of the chassis there is space for a total of four USB ports along with I/O support and an integrated LED illuminated Fan Speed Adjustment controller and On/Off switch. The dual internal USB 3.0 ports will work with the SuperSpeed transfer ability.

By supporting eight 3.5 or 2.5-inch +1 expansion slots, the Fulmo ST's has terrific potential for expansion compared to other chassis of the same class. With this setup there can be up to three dual slot VGA cards installed. In addition to that, after taking out the removable HDD cage, the case gives users up to 412mm of clearance for a full-sized, high-end VGA card. 

On the very top of the case there is a large 60mm cleared area for a full-sized water cooling system with a 280/240mm radiator or 2 x 14/12cm fans. To maximize the cooling performance, the Enermax Fulmo ST can be installed with a maximum of 10 fans. And there is a bottom-mounted PSU slot with rubber pads and removable dust filter to help keep the power supply clean. Lastly, the new Enermax SlideIn locker gives users easy tool-free component installation.

About the Author

John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.


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