Shuttle Computer HR70 biometric scanner

All-in-one biometric tool combines facial, card and fingerprint scanning

Facilities access is the first line of defense for most agencies. Keeping cyberspace clear of bad guys does little good if they can walk in the front door of the building and into the server room. So it's essential to know who is where in today's office buildings, schools, warehouses or labs. But implementing a robust and non-invasive biometric scanning system has always been both expensive and a bit of a technological chore.

Shuttle Computer Group is trying to make it easier and more affordable to lock down buildings using biometric controls with its HR70 all-in-one facial recognition hardware. In addition to scanning faces, the HR70 has an optional contactless card reader that could work with Personal Identity Verification and Common Access Cards, and it even has a fingerprint reader that does not require contact with the screen.

"More and more companies are using security devices for employee access, time stamping and verification of employee location in case of an emergency, but high cost has been prohibitive," said Marty Lash, director, sales and marketing, Shuttle Computer Group.  "Now Shuttle has an affordable, all-in-one product, making it easier for integrators to develop a customized solution for any security installation."

Designed for commercial, industrial or institutional systems, Shuttle will make a software development kit and an application programming interface available so integrators can use the HR70 as a basis for electronic access control systems using facial recognition, optional card reading and/or fingerprint identification. Programmers can use one, two or all three devices together to determine security access levels.

Shuttle's HR 70 features a seven-inch LCD touch-screen panel with two 2.0 megapixel, 720p high-definition cameras. It is powered by an Intel Celeron 847 17W CPU for fast search-and-match results through large databases.

Using the USB 3.0, RS232 and two-way RS485 communications support, programmers can create dynamic actions like opening doors, lifting garages, sliding bolts, releasing locks and other actions based on facial, fingerprint or card recognition, with almost instantaneous results. And because these devices are connected to a network, they can be remotely monitored from a central location, and security personnel can view access in real time.

The HR70 will be available in mid-July through ASI, Ingram, Ma Labs and Synnex, and it comes with a standard three-year limited warranty. Pricing will be announced at that time, but company officials told GCN that they expect the kit will be available for less than $1,500 per unit.

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John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.

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