Pilot training with Christie simulation

Christie projector ready to tackle government simulations

Christie Digital Systems USA is known for its extensive lineup of ultra-bright projectors. In fact, most of the ads and trivia games before a movie in a theater are displayed with Christie projectors, one of the few companies with models bright enough to cover that amount of space. So it makes sense that the company could fill a need within government for accurate, bright projectors for use in flight training and other simulations.

Christie's newest model, the Christie Matrix WU7K-J 3-chip DLP projector is designed to deliver real-world simulation images in any environment. With 6,300 lumens, the Matrix has standard features that include full scalability, built-in geometric warping, edge blending and high-performance image processing with 120Hz capability. The new Xenon-based projector joins the Christie Matrix series family, which includes the 1-chip DLP LED-based Matrix StIM and Matrix SIM, as well as the Matrix StIM WQ and Matrix SIM WQ.

All Christie Matrix J series models, including the simulation-friendly new omodel, come standard with Christie AccuFrame software. Specifically designed to address the needs of the simulation market, AccuFrame allows the user to adjust the reduction of perceptible image smearing, which can be used to simulate motion. It supports various frame rates and environments, ensuring the accurate display of high-speed simulation content for the most true-to-life displays. Built-in image warping and advanced edge blending is provided by Christie Twist software.

The Christie Matrix WU7K-J also offers RGB color matching, full control of gamma curves and grayscale tracking with minimum processing latency.

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