America's Army ready to deploy to new Proving Grounds

The most successful government-based video game of all time, America's Army, is about to expand with new features, new training modes, an updated graphics package and a whole new storyline to hook gamers on careers in the Army. The U.S. Army announced that America’s Army: Proving Grounds, the next version of its official Army game, will launch on Aug. 29. It will be available for free from the Steam online game service.  

As with its predecessors, America’s Army: Proving Grounds showcases Army values, teamwork, training through gameplay that reflects the Soldier’s Creed. Proving Grounds stresses small unit tactical maneuvers and training that echoes true-to-life Army scenarios. It reflects the present-day Army by focusing on these smaller self-contained, full spectrum units that can carry out a variety of objectives during missions.

“We built America’s Army: Proving Grounds to appeal to novice as well as experienced America’s Army players,” said Marsha Berry, Project Manager for America’s Army.  “For AA fans we are bringing back some of the much loved maps from AA2 and also introducing a new map style that’s smaller and more focused, allowing players to be much more thoughtful and strategic in their gameplay. For new AA players, the intuitive style of gameplay will allow players to gain experience and confidence much easier."

In the game, players will experience the type of positional tactical training that U.S. soldiers encounter at a real Army MOUT (military operations on urban terrain) site. Set in fictional Ostregals, players are in the role of an 11B Infantryman practicing combat maneuvers at JTC Griffin, a fabricated training environment created by Conex modular containers and found materials. 

The game features several training exercises designed to sharpen small unit maneuver skills. Battledrill Exercises are small engagements of six players vs six others. The fast-paced maps focus on the basic movements and maneuvers, allowing players to learn how the enemy might react and adjust their strategies for future engagements. The game also features Forward Line Operation training where 12 players fight against 12 others using  skills learned in their Battledrills to achieve success.

To support the new game, the Army recently expanded its comic book line onto almost every mobile platform after partnering with publisher IDW and comiXology apps.  

The comics tell the saga of American forces deployed to Czervenia, a tiny foreign nation, in the midst of a mysterious plan that could change the course of world power forever. 

This is the third major content update for the long-running government game. The Army launched America's Army in July of 2002, America’s Army: Special Forces in 2003 and America’s Army 3 in June 2009.

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