Tool combines server and enterprise cloud management in one platform

Managers of government IT enterprises struggle to deploy complex applications to the cloud while maintaining central IT control over existing programs. ScaleXtreme’s Advanced Cloud Management system can help bridge that gap, says the company

The tool includes a workflow and orchestration system, autoscaling, multicloud management capabilities and cloud access control. It works with Amazon Web Services, Terremark Enterprise Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

ScaleXtreme’s Advanced Cloud Management system is integrated with the company’s existing server management capabilities, including server and application monitoring, patch management and job automation. This gives agencies a broad set of server, application and service management capabilities in a single platform, the company said in a statement.

Agencies are at various stages of building and adopting private and public cloud infrastructure – with many still running internal virtualized systems. ScaleXtreme helps organizations manage their existing infrastructure and gradually re-architect or port their applications to take advantage cloud capabilities, such as elastic capacity and having a single application span multiple clouds, the company said.

As enterprises move to the cloud, there’s usually no clean break between their legacy applications running on virtualized servers and those being deployed in the public cloud, said Nand Mulchandani, CEO and co-founder of ScaleXtreme.

The company’s new platform gives IT managers a “single console with which to control all aspects of cloud application provisioning, while still giving them server management functionality for handling the underlying infrastructure on their existing applications,” he said.

ScaleXtreme says the Enterprise Platform capabilities include:

  • Creation, deployment and management of enterprise cloud applications across private, public and hybrid clouds.
  • Autoscaling of cloud applications across clouds.
  • Access control, governance and compliance to multiple clouds.
  • Self-service access to enterprise cloud applications and services for business users.
  • Server management features such as monitoring, patch management, provisioning and automation.

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