Certificate-on-Chip offers identity as a service for mobile devices

With the growth of mobile devices in the government enterprise, IT managers are looking for solutions that reduce vulnerability and meet agency security policies and related compliance requirements.

WidePoint Corp., a McLean, Va.-based provider of secure, enterprisewide solutions, has launched a cloud-based, identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) capability that provides secure digital certificates to all types of mobile devices, the company said.  

The company’s IDaaS Certificate-on-Chip service provides a level of federally compliant assured information security beyond a simple username and password-based VPN solution, the company said in its announcement. The service lets IT managers assign different levels of access to employees, consultants and partners, based on the specific BYOD user device being used to establish connectivity.

WidePoint’s spokesman said the service can enhance the information security of mobile transactions and access to government networks and databases by allowing agencies to:

  • Create a secure VPN connection between the organization's network and the devices used by mobile or home-based employees — without a proprietary software client.
  • Ensure employees download sensitive data only to authorized, properly configured and protected devices.
  • Remotely revoke certificates of devices that were lost, stolen or belong to an employee who has left the organization.

WidePoint's IDaaS Certificate-on-Chip service also allows the use of attribute-based access control,  which, by 2020, Gartner predicts 70 percent of enterprises will be using as the dominant means to protect critical assets.

According to the company’s website, WidePoint has several federal and state government clients, and has worked with the Department of Justice and the Army Materiel Command.

"Our expertise in building out a federally authorized credentialing infrastructure to a base of over 3 million users has uniquely qualified us to develop and bring to market a cost effective, scalable and easily deployed service that addresses the problems that organizations are presently facing as they extend their IT infrastructures into the cloud," said Daniel Turissini, WidePoint CTO.

"The IDaaS Certificate-on-Device service provides customers with additional security in a manner that can not only increase worker productivity, but that is also complementary to the organization's unique security policies and related compliance requirements," added Steven L. Komar, WidePoint’s CEO and chairman.

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