Infor accelerates government systems deployment

Most municipalities have computer systems that have grown and replicated over time. These days, the most efficient operations are created in integrating those systems into a unified platform so that all resources can be harvested at the same time, which is particularly helpful in certain areas like billing. But getting disparate systems to work together can be difficult. To that end, Infor has created three new accelerator programs designed for government agencies. They can put a unified front end on most systems, using menus and options that have been proven to work for public sector organizations.

The Infor Implementation Accelerator software delivers templates via the Web as well as  desktop customization for common government processes, giving municipalities immediate value and quicker deployments, according to the company. 

The three new Implementation Accelerators for the public sector include: 

Infor already has an impressive list of cities and municipalities that have taken advantage of its services, including Savannah, Ga., which recently used one of the new modules. 

"The City of Savannah realized significant benefits by utilizing industry-specific content from Infor during our implementation, which helped us to reach go-live faster," said ERP project manager Joy Wilkinson. 

"With the need to keep both budget and service to citizens top of mind, it's essential for local governments to take advantage of resources that can increase their technology ROI and reduce downtime for critical functions like financials and human resources."

Infor says  the accelerators have been designed and tested by government agencies at all levels, so any public-sector group can quickly launch them, building on what has already been accomplished elsewhere.

"Our customers range in size, scope and scale, from large federal governments to smaller local utility companies, but what they all have in common is the desire to benefit from the latest technology without committing to a lengthy or complex implementation," said Kevin Curry, senior vice president for public sector at Infor. "Infor understands the need for solutions that reduce the interruption to daily operations without sacrificing the tailored approach that our customers need to achieve value on their investment." 

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