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Designed to handle 100+ million file transfers per instance across any number of connected systems, SkySync 2.7 promises to meet the demands of agency offices of any size, from a single workstation to multiple servers transferring terabytes of files.

Portal Architects’ SkySync 2.7 is a Windows app that lets IT managers synchronize and search files across most local and enterprise storage systems, including cloud platforms, Microsoft SharePoint and network file-shares. SkySync offers a range of configurable features, including job control functionality that provides real-time views of file transfer information such as last run date, operation run time and any errors.

Organizations also get a complete audit trail of all file filter and transfer actions. Admins can set file transfers to run on a schedule, or they can manually start/stop any file Sync, Copy, Migrate or Archive operation. For network file systems, SkySync lets admins automatically link and maintain entire groups of user home drives to their cloud storage accounts.

The app resolves file conflicts and system caveats, and automatically excludes file types such as shortcuts, .lnk, .db, and other types that aren't useful or desired in other platforms. Users can also include/exclude files by creation date, last modified date, last accessed, date range, user, and/or file-name including wild cards. To minimize network traffic, SkySync also leverages storage platform "changes-only" APIs.

In a single-search operation, SkySync can scan all connected clouds, networks and other storage platforms including multiple SharePoint sites (collections or farms). It then presents search results in a single view for all files, regardless of the source. Results can either be consolidated or itemized by storage system.

SkySync integrates with existing storage platforms via system-specific APIs. The tool offers connectors for Microsoft SharePoint 2013/2010/2007, Microsoft Office 365, Box, Huddle, DropBox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Citrix ShareFile, SugarSync, Documentum, Egnyte, Barracuda Copy Barracuda and SalesForce, as well as network file systems.

This article originally appeared on VirtualizationReview, an 1105 Media site.

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