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Software streamlines compliance reporting

As federal compliance regulations grow more complex, agencies struggle to put controls in place that ensure the integrity of their IT operations and systems.  Compliance with FISMA and HIPAA impose security, reporting, and auditing burdens on agencies of any size and  mission.

To address this issue, Delphix, a provider of agile data solutions, announced its Compliance Engine, new software that provides data security and governance capabilities to help agencies meet regulatory requirements,  whether applications are running on premises, in hosted facilities or in public clouds. 

The Delphix Compliance Engine accelerates report delivery while cutting costs by offloading all phases of compliance reporting to on-demand, space-efficient virtual copies.

The Compliance Engine combines data masking – or de-identification – with automated data delivery both within data centers and in the cloud. 

Built on the company’s Agile Data Platform, the Compliance Engine collects data from source applications, masks and secures data according to policy and deploys data to target environments to support compliance reporting, scenario testing, data logging and reconciliation, and data loss recovery.

Virtual database copies can be refreshed in minutes, bookmarked and rolled back to previous points in time, and branched and mapped to specific code builds, all via self service and with 90 percent less infrastructure, according to the product’s data sheet.

“Compliance is one of the biggest challenges faced by government organizations today,” said Ted Girard, vice president, federal sales with Delphix.  “When regulations change, agencies must be proactive in protecting and managing sensitive data while helping to reduce risk, providing access to critical legacy data, as well as continually meeting federal regulatory requirements.”

The Compliance Engine installs as a virtual appliance on standard x86 servers, using VMware. It runs in Amazon Web Services, vCloud-based public cloud services, SunGard, IBM SoftLayer and private clouds, the company said.  

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