ActivPoint, NC4’s Risk Center risk management application, uses smartphones

Mobile app leverages GPS to provide safety on the go

NC4 Inc., a public sector safety solution provider, announced a mobile app that gives agencies a way to reduce risk and increase employee safety by leveraging the GPS technology built into smartphones.

ActivPoint, NC4’s Risk Center risk management application, uses smartphones' GPS and related technologies to capture precise position data. It then capitalizes on the profiling capability of the NC4 Risk Center to deliver timely, relevant intelligence to GPS assisted devices.

Designed for professionals living or working in dangerous environments, ActivPoint provides situational awareness and key NC4 Risk Center features to deliver vital information to both the user and security personnel.

ActivPoint's full feature set also helps organizations better safeguard employees with:

  • Tracking and position reporting that delivers precise position data to the NC4 Risk Center.  In areas of inconsistent connectivity, reporting data is cached for later delivery.
  • Position-based alerting provides real-time incident alerts, important updates and global security information to users based on the GPS-enabled device location.
  • A distress feature allows users to send a distress signal to their corporate security, HR or travel risk management personnel. This event triggers a visible status change on the NC4 Situation Map and alerts the organization’s administrator.
  • Geo fencing lets corporate security identify safe zones and no-go zones. The app will trigger a geo fence breach message when the device enters or exits an active geo fence zone, giving users immediate situational awareness of their surroundings.

"By making targeted and timely NC4 Risk Center intelligence directly accessible to users anywhere they travel or work, ActivPoint will dramatically improve businesses' ability to monitor, analyze, report and respond to risk." said NC4 President and CEO, Jim Montagnino

ActivPoint is supported on iPhone iOS 6 and above, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above, and is available for download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The download is free, but a NC4 Risk Center account is required for use.

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