In-Q-Tel invests in tech to voice-enable apps

In-Q-Tel invests in tech to voice-enable apps

Expect Labs announced that it has closed a strategic investment and technology development agreement with In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the intelligence community.

San Francisco-based Expect Labs is the creator of the MindMeld API, the first developer platform that makes it possible for any company to build intelligent, voice-driven interfaces for any app, device or website, according to Expect Labs’ announcement.  Through this partnership, Expect Labs will apply its MindMeld API to voice-enable a wide range of potential applications for use across government agencies.

Knowledge workers are increasingly relying on a variety devices – such as smartphones, tables, wearables and smart TVs – that have no keyboards, making it difficult to search and process large amounts of information.  Expect Labs’ MindMeld Platform makes it possible to voice-enable any application or device so that knowledge workers can efficiently navigate through large volumes of data using only voice, touch and gesture.

Like conventional search and discovery platforms, the MindMeld API is designed to index any collection of public or private documents so that users can find the information they need in an application or on a website. Unlike traditional search engines, the MindMeld API is capable of continuously analyzing and understanding contextual signals from users in order to make it easier for them to find the right information at the right time from a variety of different connected devices. This approach gives the MindMeld Platform a unique set of characteristics not found in conventional search platforms, the company said on its website.

In its simplest form, the MindMeld API can be used to include contextually-driven search results into any website, app or device in minutes. For more advanced applications, the MindMeld API provides many powerful features for incorporating contextual intelligence and content discovery into a wide variety of applications.

The Expect Labs has “great potential for creating next-generation, contextual search experiences that can allow government to work more efficiently and derive insight from big data content ,” said George Hoyem, investments partner at In-Q-Tel.

The MindMeld Developer Platform is available at  Any developer or company can sign up and get started for free.


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