Huddle announces secure publishing, analytics platform

Huddle announces secure publishing, analytics platform

Agencies that want to track response to their published documents the way they monitor their website traffic will soon have a new option from Huddle, a cloud collaboration provider in the government space. The company announced a secure publishing platform with a full analytics dashboard, which will allow agencies to measure, track and interact with files they share and publish across the enterprise.

With Huddle’s secure publishing platform, agencies will be able to publish final, read-only versions of documents to a secure audience and monitor all activities around the files. The document retains the entire publishing history and user engagement details through the analytics dashboard.

In addition to eliminating the cost and lack of security associated with distributing documentation via email, courier, FTP or the postal service, agencies will be able to measure and improve their business transactions, the company said in its announcement.  If, for example, agency field agents need to accept receipt of a new training manual, Huddle will enable agencies to securely publish the file to the staffers’ mobile devices, monitor and handle the interactions, answer questions from the staff and follow up privately with individuals yet to review the content.

Huddle’s analytics dashboard and secure publishing platform will:

  • Allow users to publish a file to a secure audience, using security measures such as one-time passwords and expiration dates.
  • Enable agencies to continue to work on a file and choose when to re-publish it.
  • Provide agencies with the ability to revoke the published file – either temporarily or permanently – and then re-enable it.
  • Give organizations access to an analytics dashboard around business transaction metrics, including whether a document has been viewed, the percentage of people have and haven’t viewed it and key trends around a document.

“Large enterprises and governments now want more control and intelligence around the information they’re distributing and, for us, secure publishing is more than just sharing a link to a file. It’s about combining digital publishing with analytics and providing organizations with much needed insight into the effectiveness of their content and how it’s being consumed,” said Stuart Cochran, CTO, Huddle.

Huddle’s secure publishing platform and analytics platform will be available early 2015.

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