Integra protects against DDoS attacks at the network edge

Integra protects against DDoS attacks at the network edge

Integra, a provider of fiber-based, carrier-grade networking systems, is offering its customers protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks at the network edge, away from the business premises.

The company introduced its DDoS Mitigation Service, which automatically monitors network traffic to detect and mitigate DDoS threats at the carrier network edge. The service offers fully managed, off-premise protection for network and online infrastructures, the company said.

Integra’s anti-DDoS service focuses on protecting the carrier network, away from the custom premises.

On-premises approaches to stopping DDoS attacks fall short, according to Integra, because the customers’ own network resources are inevitably affected by an attack. Instead, the company offers a carrier-network-based approach, which absorbs malicious traffic without affecting customers’ Internet bandwidth.

Integra’s privately owned network connects enterprise, government and carrier customers to 6,400 miles of long-haul fiber optic infrastructure and 3,000 miles of metro fiber across 35 cities in 11 states.

The network-based solution offer a better defense compared to on-premise solutions, the company argues. “Today’s enterprises and multilocation networks are more likely than ever before to be the target of a denial-of-service attack,” said Joseph Harding, Integra’s chief marketing officer.

“With Integra’s DDoS Mitigation Service, customers can rest assured that their network, web sites and online services will remain online and fully secured in the event of a denial-of-service attack.”

Integra offers the DDoS Mitigation Service together with a Cloud Firewall Service to fill out a portfolio of hosted security tools and providing customers with  “multiple layers of carrier-class network security while keeping costs and required technical resources to a minimum.”

The DDoS Mitigation Service can be bundled into customers’ service agreements with standard monthly pricing. 

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