AWS adds services to GovCloud

AWS adds features to GovCloud

Amazon Web Services recently announced a set of updates and additions to AWS GovCloud, an isolated AWS Region designed to allow government agencies and customers to work with sensitive workloads in the cloud.

Among new features available in GovCloud are:

Amazon Glacier, a secure, durable and low-cost storage service for data archiving and online backup of data that is infrequently accessed, such as digital media archives, financial and health care records or long term database backups. Clients can also store data directly in a Glacier vault or make use of lifecycle rules to move data from Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to Glacier. Prices start at $0.013 per gigabyte per month.

AWS CloudTrail records calls made to the AWS APIs and publishes the resulting log files to Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). The log files can be used as a compliance aid, for resource lifecycle tracking, operational troubleshooting or security analytics.

VM Import lets agencies import virtual machine images from existing environments to Amazon EC2. It leverages investments in virtual machines already built to meet IT security, configuration management and compliance requirements by bringing those virtual machines into Amazon EC2 as ready-to-use instances.

The AWS Management Console in the GovCloud Region now supports Auto Scaling and the Service Limits Report. Auto Scaling lets IT managers build systems that respond to changes in demand by scaling capacity up or down as needed. The Service Limits Report eases management of the limits associated with an AWS account.

The AWS GovCloud adheres to the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) regulations and well as the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRamp). It is physically and logically accessible by U.S. persons only and also supports FIPS 140-2 compliant end points, allowing customers to manage more heavily regulated data in AWS while remaining compliant with federal requirements.

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