Novetta Entity Analytics connects unstructured enterprise data

Novetta Entity Analytics connects unstructured enterprise data

As agencies bring multi-source data into Hadoop, analysis across different data sources and types can be a challenge. Novetta, an advanced analytics company, says its Entity Analytics software connects structured, semi-structured and unstructured data within Hadoop, enabling powerful analytic queries that weren’t possible before. 

Novetta Entity Analytics performs large-scale data integration and entity resolution to form multi-dimensional views of persons, organizations, locations and events, the company said in its blog announcing the software.

The software has been developed, deployed and tested within the federal government since 9/11, converting big data into “manageable, refined and trustworthy sources of insight,” the company said.

Multiple agencies use Novetta Entity Analytics to give them data integration, refinement and analysis of billions of "records" from hundreds of sources from a variety of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, the firm added.

With the tool, for example, local governments can connect email and social media with agency databases to identify service problems and dissatisfied citizens. And healthcare providers can connect email, documents, charts, reports and social media with relevant events and relationships typically hidden in patient and provider data management systems.

Jennifer Reed, director of product management at Novetta, said  its solution “uncovers hidden insights buried in your Hadoop data, creates and manages complex views and relationships, and ultimately reveals patterns and trends across data between people, locations, events and products."

Novetta Entity Analytics runs natively on Hadoop, is certified to run on Cloudera CDH and Hortonworks HDP.

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