Swimlane launches automated security operations management platform

Swimlane launches automated security operations platform

As government security operations centers manage a rapidly growing number of activities, expenses increase, as does the risk of human error. 

To address this issue, Phoenix Data Security announced Swimlane, a security operations management platform that gives government agencies data-driven automation and orchestration for incident response and improved security operations.

Swimlane reduces manual effort by automatically responding to alerts, gathering related threat intelligence and automating the use of security controls, all which aids in protecting the organization from future attacks and delivering a better ROI on current and future security investments.

"As an industry we have become very good at detecting malicious activity and generating alerts, so threat detection is no longer the issue. Swimlane's purpose is to automate incident response – reducing hours, if not days, of work down to minutes – better enabling an organization to respond and take action," said Swimlane co-founder Cody Cornell.

Swimlane’s platform includes:

Centralized reporting. Swimlane tracks enterprise security tasks and provides centralized access to cases, reports, dashboards and metrics for individuals and teams. The system standardizes response and notification processes to mitigate risk, speed resolution and streamline communications.

Standardized processes. The system captures and standardizes best practices to help teams learn and resolve security tasks quickly; automation allows the system to scale and execute pre-approved processes without human intervention.

Visualization. Swimlane manages, automates  and visualizes the response to security alerts and incidents identified by existing monitoring and detection systems.

Security orchestration. The system’s automation leverages vendor APIs and software-defined security methods to respond and prevent attacks earlier in the kill chain.

Metrics. Swimlane dashboards and metrics deliver greater visibility into the performance, capacity and value of an organization’s security operations investment.

"Swimlane does not tell you how to structure your security operations, it adapts to you," said co-founder and COO Brian Kafenbaum. "Automation makes us more efficient, ensuring corrective or preventative action is taken on every alert. The consequence of missing an alert or not responding in time has proven to cost millions of dollars."

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