Software freezes devices that fall offline

Software freezes devices that fall offline

In a time when cybersecurity is every day’s front page news, a government employee’s lost or missing device can be a nightmare for an agency IT manager. One way to control this scenario would be to “freeze” the device so that it would be unusable until reactivated by administrators.

Absolute Software Corp.’s  Device Freeze Offline Policy enables this fix by letting IT managers set an automated freeze command for any device that remains offline for a specific period of time.

The policy is engaged each time a device disconnects from the network. When this occurs, a timer is activated in the device with a duration assigned by IT. If the timer elapses before the device makes contact with the Absolute Monitoring Center, the device will automatically freeze and the IT department alerted.

The Device Freeze Offline Policy extends the security capabilities of the company’s Computrace service  – which allows IT administrators to remotely control and secure IT assets using a cloud-based interface – to devices that may be unassigned or misplaced, the firm said in an announcement.  That way, forgotten devices are secured even if they remain in a dormant state, satisfying corporate and regulatory concerns about data security and device usage.

The Device Freeze Offline Policy is easily customizable and allows IT managers to define a window of time that best supports their security requirements. To maintain oversight, a summary reporting function also provides details on every endpoint that has been frozen, allowing administrators to investigate each device, validate its status and unlock devices that are not at risk.

“Information security must be enforceable even when a device is not plugged in or powered up,” said Geoff Haydon, CEO at Absolute Software. “With this policy, our customers can actively protect all of their devices – and the sensitive information they contain – regardless of internet connection, user or location.”  

Device Freeze Offline Policy for Absolute Computrace is available now.

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