New tool promises better analytics for better hiring

New tool promises better analytics for better hiring

It's no secret that government has found it difficult to attract talented individuals in IT and cybersecurity to work to protect the nation. As Steven Hernandez, chief information security officer for the Department of Health and Human Services, asserted at the recent ModernGov Summit, there simply are not enough individuals in cyber to go around.

With the shortage of qualified candidates and the private sector's significantly higher salaries, the government needs any edge it can get.  And a new reporting and data visualization tool from NGA.NET could give government hiring managers the slight advantage they need.  The tool, called Natural Talent, can provide agencies with “insight into their applicant pool as well as application and hiring processes,” an NGA.NET release stated.  “[T]he new reports and visualization tools support a data-driven approach enabling federal HR executives to make faster, better and more strategic personnel decisions based on big data analysis.”

NGA.NET’s new platform incorporates aspects of the firm's previously successful talent acquisition models such as eRecruit and ePerform to measure the performance of various individuals. Reports can be filtered depending on the needs of hiring managers -- filtering by time-to-hire, location of all applicants vs. location of actual hires, occupational series, pay scale, ethnicity and veteran status, among other criteria.    

Natural Talent also promises to provide insight into how prospective employees can best serve managers in terms of budgeting and personnel. 

“We understand data is the key to making better talent management decisions, and that is why analytics is at the core of NGA.NET solutions,” CEO Mike Giuffrida stated.  “We work with federal agencies to deliver the data and analysis they need to quickly and easily make the best decisions to get the right teams in place.”

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Mark Pomerleau is a former editorial fellow with GCN and Defense Systems.

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