NG 911 prepper: County updates emergency phone system

Stafford County, Va., wanted to lay the groundwork for implementing next-generation 911 capabilities, including text-to-911 and using multimedia communications. So the county chose to adopt Emergency CallWorks CallStation, a browser-based platform that maps calls made from either a landline or a mobile device, then prioritizes the calls so emergency personnel can reach the area quickly. It also combines call taking, mapping systems and computer-aided dispatch incident management.

Emergency CallWorks’ mapping system was important to Stafford County because it help operators quickly determine callers’ locations before answering, which can help determine if calls are related or if different incidents have occurred.

“The key things we looked for were features such as the interactive map and the ability to turn on additional features such as text-to-911, video, pictures and transfer of medical information as they become available,” said Carol Adams, 911 director for Stafford County. “It may be a few years before NG911 comes to fruition for Stafford County but we wanted to be ready with a solution that would provide a simple transition at an affordable price with minimal impact on our staff.”

About the Author

Derek Major is a former reporter for GCN.

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