Iowa installs visual broadband monitoring system

Iowa installs visual broadband monitoring system

The Iowa Communications Network (ICN) now has a way to visually monitor the state’s network and information systems on a large, map-like interface, allowing staff to quickly respond to network problems as they arise.

The Visual Presence Monitoring Network at the state’s new Broadband Information Center (BRIC) shows bandwidth usage and real-time compromises to broadband service on ICN, the state-administered fiber optics network. Outages caused by natural disasters and extreme weather, cyberattacks or any incidents resulting in fiber cuts are displayed on the map.

The real-time information is also critical in responding to the growing number of cyberattacks, said Ric Lumbard, ICN’s executive director.  “We only have minutes to respond and implement mitigation when our customers are experiencing a cyberattack," he explained. "The BRIC provides ICN the ability to respond with fast, strong and flexible strategies.”

The monitoring tool and the information center also facilitates collaboration with the Iowa CIO and Iowa Department of Public Safety. With the new tool, the state hopes BRIC can provide the state's ICN bureaus the necessary information to make decisions more quickly and discover real-time solutions.

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Amanda Ziadeh is a former reporter/producer for GCN.

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