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Microsoft offers new security for government cloud users' connections

Microsoft’s ExpressRoute secure-connections tool is now available for agencies using Microsoft Azure Government, the version of Microsoft cloud platform specifically designed to meet security requirements for U.S. public sector customers.

ExpressRoute allows customers to create private network connections to Azure data centers. Its connections don't go over the public Internet, and ExpressRoute offers more reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies, and higher security than typical Internet connections.

“ExpressRoute is allowing us to migrate our datacenter into Microsoft Azure Government with the confidence that our workloads hosted in the cloud will be as accessible and reliable as our on-premises data center” said Kelleen Caster, CIO for Riverside County, Calif., Department of Public Social Services. “The availability of ExpressRoute for Microsoft Azure Government was a key deciding factor in our decision to augment our datacenter operations with Microsoft’s cloud.”

The initial Microsoft Azure Government’s ExpressRoute partners include AT&T, Equinix, Level3 and Verizon, and the initial Azure Government ExpressRoute Meet-Me sites are in Washington D.C. and Chicago.

“When it comes to transitioning to the cloud, many government agencies want to reap the benefits of the cloud – agility, speed, and cost-savings – but a big concern across federal and state and local is whether the cloud service is secure and reliable enough to manage and store sensitive data,” Microsoft Engineer Yousef Khalidi told GCN.

“ExpressRoute for Azure Government is an ideal option for government customers who want to move their data centers to the cloud, as it offers higher security, reliability and speeds with lower latencies than typical connections over the Internet.”

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Derek Major is a former reporter for GCN.


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