White House responds to data encryption petition

White House responds to data encryption petition

A petition on data encryption that has more than 104,000 signatures got a response from the White House.

The We the People petition asking for the Obama Administration to endorse strong encryption and encourage world leaders to do the same reached the plateau for a response of 100,000 online signatures.

“Weakening encryption weakens the entire Internet,” the petition said.  The signers demand privacy, security and integrity for communications and systems, saying the public should be confident that those services haven’t been weakened or compromised by government mandate or pressure.

In its Dec. 8 response, the White House and the National Security Council acknowledged that encryption is “part of a broader conversation about what we, as a nation, can do to fight terrorism as it evolves online.” The White House also called for “America’s technology community and law enforcement and counter-terrorism officials to work together to fight terrorism.”Administration officials said they will sit down this week with the creators of the petition to hear about their priorities and concerns. Meanwhile, the public is invited to share comments and questions about encryption policy with the White House.

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Derek Major is a former reporter for GCN.

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