NLM launches MedPix image database

NLM launches MedPix image database

The National Library of Medicine is making it easier for health care professionals to access medical images through the free, searchable MedPix database.

MedPix is a fully web-enabled and searchable cross-platform database that integrates images and textual information. It is organized by organ system, pathology category and patient profiles as well as by image classification. Images include a quick summary of medical information.

Originally built in 1984 by the Uniformed Services University as a radiology study tool, MedPix was the foundation for the Visible Human Project, a web-based digital teaching system that allowed two military training programs to share teaching file cases. As additional military and civilian hospitals have joined MedPix, the collection has grown to include 53,000 images from more than 13,000 patients.

As a public education service, MedPix’s primary target audience includes resident and practicing physicians, medical students, nurses and graduate nursing students and other post-graduate trainees.

The NLM and MedPix provide the storage service, indexing and web server hosting. Individuals and institutions can access the database through a web browser. Contributed content may be copyrighted by the original author/contributor, NLM advised.

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