CitizenConnect streamlines government service delivery

CitizenConnect streamlines government service delivery

As governments reinvent themselves for a wired constituency, they are looking for centralized solutions that both save money and take the friction out of citizen interactions.

Deloitte Digital’s CitizenConnect offers governments the ability to streamline services from different agencies onto a single platform by leveraging cloud services from Adobe. With this centralized platform, governments can provide a common look and feel for citizen interactions -- even though individual agencies still maintain their backend systems.

That means users can get a copy of their birth certificate and update a driver’s license on one system, without having to interact with the individual government agencies. On the government side,  agencies can better manage customer relationships and provide user-friendly, digital services.

The CitizenConnect software integrates with Adobe’s secure government cloud and other Adobe tools, such as Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe eSign Manager DC so that content can be managed and services delivered on a single platform, Deloitte officials said.

Through a streamlined web content management system and access to the Adobe portfolio of services -- such as electronic forms with e-signatures, single sign-on technology, web conferencing, e-learning and documents right management -- agencies can deliver the most relevant content to citizens in one location without relying on third-party software and service providers.

“CitizenConnect sits on top of agency legacy systems without disrupting them,” said Kristin Russell, Deloitte Consulting’s director of public sector. It uses application programming interfaces to share data between backend systems and CitizenConnect.  

Additional features include built-in mobile access, smarter search wizards, bidirectional content feeds, notification services, triggers to suggest additional, related services and federated application forms to avoid downloading different applications for government services.

According to Deloitte Digital, the platform protects the privacy of citizens by safely linking data across protected and encrypted databases, repositories and files, which also reduces duplicated data entry and time invested.

“Deloitte has been doing this type of work with state and local governments for some time,” Russell said. “We’re really excited about is providing a solution for government entities that allows them to leap frog [from their current offerings] to where they can go using new technologies.”

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Amanda Ziadeh is a former reporter/producer for GCN.


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