FBI offers free online cyber investigation training

FBI offers free online cyber investigation training

Law enforcement officers can now learn to properly secure digital evidence from cell phones, laptops and electronic devices at crime scenes with a self-guided online training program from the FBI.

The FBI has made its Cyber Investigator Certification Program freely available so that first responders can improve their technical knowledge and follow best practices for cyber investigations.

These self-guided courses are now available for all local, state, tribal and federal law enforcement members and are intended to reduce errors in securing digital evidence.

The first course was developed in October 2015 specifically for law enforcement first responders. It has nine modules covering software, hardware, the internet and social networks, encryption, legal tools and digital evidence. Specific topics range from cloud and metadata to networks and search warrants for electronic evidence

The course features instructors and cyber experts from the FBI, Carnegie Mellon and other law enforcement agencies who present material on how responders should investigate cases with digital evidence. When the entire training is complete, officers receive a course certificate.

The responders’ training is the first of four cyber courses that will make up Level 1. The other courses will address specific issues such as digital harassment, online fraud, child enticement and identity theft. Level 2 courses will cover malware, worms and viruses and will be for more advanced officers.

So far, about 5,000 officers are enrolled in the first responder course, and those interested can access it through their Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal account.

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Amanda Ziadeh is a former reporter/producer for GCN.

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