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Turning mobile devices into network data sensors

Enterprise operational intelligence software is using mobile devices as data sensors that can adapt to environmental changes and give mobility managers better visibility and control of their mobile deployments.

NetMotion Software's platform gives mobility managers previously untapped information on mobile devices to solve mobility problems automatically, enhance performance, bolster security and compliance and control data usage across any network, company officials said.

It works by gathering real-time data and analytics on mobile workers, Wi-Fi and cellular networks, applications and devices. It can change application, device or networking configurations as needed on any network to control application priority, security and user experience.

“NetMotion turns devices into ‘data sensors’ collecting and correlating data to understand the environment around them and dynamically react to changes to ensure quality of experience,” company officials said.

The platform addresses several challenges common to IT teams overseeing mobile workforces, such as solving performance problems outside the firewall, monitoring mobile network availability, prioritizing mission-critical application traffic, controlling cellular network usage, detecting security risks and speeding the resolution of help-desk tickets.

IT managers can see data that the platform collects in several dashboards. One focuses on performance, giving them a clear picture of the overall health of the mobile deployment and monitoring overall connectivity and problems as users are on the move.

Another dashboard, threat defense, gives managers a real-time snapshot of network traffic on mobile devices, including origin and destination countries, states, cities, IP addresses and domains. This means the team can identify compromised devices that may be sharing company data, users of unsecure Wi-Fi and those who don’t use a virtual-private network.

Cost control, a third dashboard, shows managers what plans are under- or overused so they can better evaluate usage based on application, device or user.

“Industry trends are clear, workers are using multiple devices, spending more time working outside the corporate firewall and accessing real-time applications on networks that their corporations have no control or visibility into,” NetMotion Software CEO Christopher Kenessey said. “Until now, enterprises could not assess the real-time health of their mobile deployment. Our software platform … makes it possible to turn intelligence into actions that solve mobile issues, improve the performance and security of their workforces.”

About the Author

Stephanie Kanowitz is a freelance writer based in northern Virginia.


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