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The case for AI in HR

To hire, retrain and retain government workers, agencies must incorporate artificial intelligence into the human resources domain.

Speaking at a recent FCW event on AI and automation, Ranjeev Mittu, the head of information management and decision architectures at the Naval Research Laboratory, said the private sector has already embraced AI-enabled HR.  Government must follow those best practices, he said, or risk seeing its best employees lured away to commercial firms.

Mittu outlined three areas where AI and machine learning can have an impact in HR:

Recruitment. Agencies can match candidates with jobs by processing a variety of data sources and using natural language understanding to provide insights into candidates. They can also build a model of an ideal employee for a particular job and train an algorithm to identify people with those characteristics.

Retraining. When AI becomes more common and jobs change, agencies will need to retrain some of their staff to better handle tasks that require more technical skills and the ability to integrate and analyze data.

Retention.  With all the HR data agencies already have on employees -- such as publications, letters of recommendation, collaborations and awards -- they can use AI to determine the predictors of long-standing employees. They can also use the topics cited in exit interviews to help  identify and solve issues that drive good people to leave government. 

Watch the full presentation below.

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