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Automated budget building

Budgeting $1.3 trillion in federal funds for health care entitlements and administrative costs is, unsurprisingly, a heavy lift. But the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Budget and Analysis Group found a way to lighten the load through a modernization project called the Consolidated Budget System.

Consolidated Budget System

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Department of Health and Human Services

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CBS has shifted the previously labor-intensive process into a modern budget building and program execution management application. It automates the time-consuming, manual work to track down information from multiple sources and enter it into a database. The system also eliminates human errors, provides a single place for formulating and executing budgets, and integrates with the president’s budget and operating plan.

CBS improves accuracy and operating efficiencies and provides greater visibility into performance to inform management decisions. In addition, the system automatically tracks historical data to improve analyses that help the agency estimate and plan future budgets. It’s a crucial element for achieving the Office of Financial Management’s strategic goals by 2020.

CMS launched the system earlier this year, and benefits include standardization across budget accounts, less reliance on spreadsheets and increased reporting capabilities. This fall, the agency plans to go live with the budget formulation piece of the solution.

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