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Tapping traffic data to mitigate accidents

As part of its vision to become one of the best communities in America, the city of Henderson, Nev., is deploying crash detection and mitigation technologies to make its streets safer.

Crash Detection and Mitigation Technology

City of Henderson, Nev.

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Officials are using an artificial intelligence solution from Waycare to analyze traffic-related data and predict — and eventually prevent — accidents. By gathering data from existing cameras, sensors, connected vehicles and monitoring devices at intersections and on streetlights, the tool enables government officials to proactively manage city roads. For instance, the system alerts 911 dispatchers and first responders when irregular traffic congestion occurs. Then dispatchers can check the city’s camera feeds to see if an accident has taken place.

“This platform allows us to gather insights from historical data and real-time data to determine where a high level of incidents occur so the city of Henderson can be proactive with response,” said Claire Leck, senior technology project manager at the city’s Department of IT. “This solution can also be used as a collaborative tool with regional entities such as the Regional Transportation Commission, Nevada Department of Transportation and Nevada Highway Patrol.”

Additionally, the city’s Public Works department uses the solution to view accident scenes so it can better clear streets and repair any damage to infrastructure. The data also helps officials become more proactive with street maintenance, such as filling potholes and fixing broken streetlights.

The city has deployed Waycare at two of the 186 intersections with connected traffic signals as part of a six-month test of the technologies.

“We are already seeing benefits of the system with our Public Works and Fire Department,” Leck said. “Users are able to log into the system and view incidents once a call has been placed. This allows responders to assess the situation and understand exactly where the incident is located.”

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