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2019 Government Innovation Awards

HHS' intelligent decision engine for grant risk analysis

With fewer staff and resources available to oversee more than $770 billion in increasingly complex federal grants, opportunities for waste, fraud and abuse grow. And with federal grant-making agencies subject to changing regulations and saddled with stovepiped legacy systems, those vulnerabilities can multiply.

GrantSolutions Recipient Insight

Department of Health and Human Services

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As a result, more than 40% of all grant dollars are spent on administrative and compliance activities, taking resources away from critical research. Coordination problems also mean that grant applicants and recipients often must submit the same documentation to multiple agencies.

To help maximize the return on federal grant investments, GrantSolutions — a partnership managed by the Department of Health and Human Services — developed Recipient Insight, a cloud-native, scalable intelligent decision engine for risk analysis. It automates the aggregation of publicly available data from a variety of sources, then presents information and analytics in a comprehensive dashboard profile. It pulls data from several sources, including SAM.gov, the IRS, HHS’ Payment Management System and GrantSolutions’ own grant administration and performance data.

Recipient Insight allows users to review key data on over 750,000 potential recipient organizations, using machine learning-powered algorithms that predict outcomes and flag potential performance issues. It has reduced the time to verify key information on more than 50,000 annual grant actions by over 60% and saved more than $5 million annually while freeing staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

Its impact extends beyond the grants management community. In June, Recipient Insight became available to all federal holders of personal identity verification cards, and acquisition leaders are exploring its potential to help evaluate federal contractors.

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