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2019 Government Innovation Awards

Smarter staffing

USA Staffing is a shared service that allows participating agencies to modernize their talent acquisition systems by redesigning the way hiring managers and human resources specialists process job applications and make sense of the talent pool.

USA Staffing

Office of Personnel Management

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The recently redesigned platform enables some 80,000 hiring managers across government to accept over 200,000 applications per week for federal positions. In addition to providing a framework for handling high volumes of applications, USA Staffing has also allowed managers to initiate vetting and onboarding processes by connecting directly to E-Verify, the National Background Investigations Bureau’s Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing and other federal HR systems. Integration with the Office of Personnel Management’s USA Hire brings advanced assessment capabilities for more than 100 federal occupational series.

Designed to be more than a technology product, USA Staffing’s service delivery model includes all the training, implementation, help desk, coaching and change management support agencies need to take full advantage of the system.

Hiring guidelines vary from one agency to the next, so USA Staffing has worked with each customer to configure the system accordingly. The result has been satisfied customers and successful hires: Last year, USA Staffing supported 369,672 selections across government.

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